[GIS Book/PDF] GIS in Public Health Practice

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Interest among public health practitioners and academics is growing rapidly in the opportunities afforded by GIS, particularly in Europe and the US.Written by a varied group of authors, the primary focus of this book is on real practice in the use of GIS in public health. GIS in Public Health Practice covers disease mapping and spatial analysis, then moves on to GIS applications in communicable disease control and environmental health protection, and applications in health care planning and policy. It also explores issues surrounding the use of GIS in public health, particularly data availability, data protection and e-governance. This book is for practitioners, with its detail of the methods used in the different applications and its identification of opportunities and potential limitations. Researchers and graduate students studying public health and epidemiology should also find it useful.

Book Info

GIS in Public Health Practice

Author(s): Massimo Craglia, Ravi Maheswaran

Publisher: CRC Press, Year: 2004

ISBN: 9780415306553,0415306558

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