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I'm new to the world of GIS and bought this book to learn more about the various data types I was encountering on a daily basis. Not only has this guide explained what the different formats are, but it also explained why there are different formats, what each format is best at, how to convert between the different types, how to go about capturing data when none exists, and where I can find data (both public and commercial). It also has an excellent section on project planning which helps you define your needs and select the most appropriate data.The website keeps the data source material up-to-date.Succinctly written, it's the perfect desktop companionfor anyone who works in GIS. I recommend it highly, and wish I had a copy when I was struggling with this stuff in college.

Book Info

GIS Data Sources

Author(s): Drew Decker

Publisher: Wiley, Year: 2000

ISBN: 0471355054,9780471355052,9780471437734

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