[GIS Book/PDF] GIS for Coastal Zone Management (Research Monographs in GIS)

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Geographical Information Systems are increasingly being used to analyze and manage marine and coastal zones. They provide a powerful set of tools for use in coastal zone supervision. This book discusses recent developments and specific applications that can be used to help marine scientists and conservationists enhance their skills. The techniques presented in this book teach GIS applications in a coastal setting, including shoreline mapping, ship borne data collection techniques, coastal decision making with GIS and more. Including new information presented at the CoastGIS 2001 Symposium, this book will inspire and stimulate continued research in this important new application domain of GIS.

Book Info

GIS for Coastal Zone Management (Research Monographs in GIS)

Author(s): Darius Bartlett, Jennifer Smith

Series: Research Monographs in GIS

Publisher: CRC Press, Year: 2004

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